In champagne, “the month of august makes the taste”.

Odd introduction, isn’t it?

All year we prepare our grapevines for this special moment: the grape harvest.

It’s the greatest reward for a year of hard work: pruning, binding, supporting, trimming … But despite all of our best efforts, with a difficult weather: everything is gone.

I remember my father always looking worried when I was little, gazing up at the sky, from as early as the month of May.

Indeed, the 100 days preceding the harvest are crucial.

My father’s stress started around Easter with the phenomenon called “The Red Moon.” She shines so brightly, the sky is completely clear and the fears of the winemakers grow, as with a sudden drop of temperatures, the frost scorches the young vines.

After that, we had to wait for the “Saints of ice”: Saint Mamert, Pancras, and Servais, who are celebrated on the 11th, 12th, and 13th of May. Whether it’s coincidence or divine intervention, the hail falls strongly.

After this period, the “survivors” (we are still talking about the vines) begin to mature and we can now focus on the quality of these last ones.

And what about us?



As every year we went to see our plots in the village Grand Cru de Verzy.

We walked around all the vines, as my father did in his time, to observe the maturity of the grapes. This can vary, depending on the exposure of the plots and the terroir.

Knowing when to harvest is and art, and it will greatly influence the final result.

We knew it was going to be on Thursday the 27th for the 2020 harvest.

Ferdinand and our team of harvesters drastically sorted the clusters and selected the most intact and fullest ones for our vintages.

Land of extraordinary Pinots Noirs, amongst the best ones of the AOC, it has to be said that this year we were particularly spoiled by the Chardonnays, which we will assemble for our “Blanc de Blancs” soon to come.




The luck we have in owning a small vineyard is that we can observe the evolution of the maturity of our grapes, on every single one of our plots, every week, row after row.

But above all, we are lucky enough to be able to invite our friends and clients every year to come and share with us this unique moment that is the grape harvest !