No, of course not. Champagne is only elaborated in Champagne. Therefore, why have I chosen to tell you about Japan today? Because it is one of the sources of inspiration for the creation of our Grande Cuvée 6 ans d’âge.

Let’s take a few steps backwards: in 2015, our Grande Cuvée is ready to be tasted, but we have yet to conceive a box that will highlight its features. This should only really have been a case of simple formality. Initially, sure.

However, we wanted to avoid cases or boxes whose primary functions are to secure the
transport of the product or a tool for communication.

We wanted our box to be elegant, innovative, useful and contributive to the experience of
the tasting…

But how could we sublimate a tasting with a box?

The answer came to us as I was travelling in Japan with my mother and my sister. It is a fascinating country in which ancestral tradition gracefully cohabits with a spirit of innovation. And it’s where we discovered origami.

Origami is the contraction of the verb to fold in Japanese (oru) and the word paper (kami). Over 1000 years old, origami started out as a simple a pastime for the Japanese Emperor, but it is now a technique used in various industries. Japan is where the greatest masters train, working on forms and volumes with exceptional dexterity.

As we wandered through a market, my sister spotted a jewelry box made out of origami; it
was as beautiful as it was useful. The fact that we could transform a simple piece of paper into such an arrangement fascinated her… And that’s when the idea came to us! The origami inspired us to innovate and surprise! But how?

By using the Japanese method of folding to create a box that would transform into a real
ice bucket:

Folded, it hides in its box.
Perfectly hermetic as it is made out of a single folded piece of waterproof cardboard.
Its unfolding creates an element of surprise.

Our ice bucket box is born.

How do you use it?

Remove the red lid off the top of the champagne box and unfold the bucket.
Place the lid at the bottom of your ice bucket to keep it into position.
Place your champagne bottle into the bucket and fill it with ice and water.