What do these 0.4 % represent?

It’s the size of the Champagne vineyard, on the scale of the worldwide vineyard.

Indeed, the surface of our beautiful champagne vineyard is not proportional to its reputation, it is the size of the Corsican vineyard, and a quarter of the size of the Bordeaux vineyard.

But why are we talking about the vine in this article?

To share with you some good news that has enabled us, during the difficult period of confinement, to move forward and mark a new stage in the development of our house.

We acquired during Spring 2020 six beautiful (small) vine plots classified Grand Cru.

Nestling at the heart of the Reims mountain, 286m high, you can find them in the reputed villages of Mailly and Verzy.



And we are particularly pleased, because the Champagne vineyard is inaccessible.

Financially, firstly, as it is globally the most expensive in the world, but more importantly, because there is practically nothing to sell.

There are various explanations for this, but if there is one you should remember it’s this one:

90% of the Champagne vineyard belongs to more than 15,000 independent wine-growers, making it the largest puzzle in the world.

The Verzy Grand Cru vines

And yet, the sales of bottles from « champagne houses » represent more than 70 % of the total volume.

This is all of the Champagne region’s singularity, summarised in a few numbers.

You’ve guessed it, Champagne houses sign supply contracts every year with hundreds of wine-growers to perpetuate their taste and style.

Some star winemakers will make the decision to only produce with their grapes, making very interesting champagnes that perfectly reflect the identity of the terroir.

But where do we stand in all this?

We see ourselves as producers of champagnes d’auteur.

Behind this lovely marketing term, there is a reality.

We are a young and exclusive house, which enables us to elaborate the champagnes we dream of, depending on the gape harvest, at our own pace.

When the VIRGINIE T adventure began, our ambition was to create a collection of champagnes that reflect the particularities of our vineyard.

We own vines, and work in collaboration with a small selection of cutting-edge wine-growers.

We are therefore in a position where we can elaborate assembled champagnes that honour the heritage of our AOC, whilst also providing very specific champagnes that stem from a single vintage, a single plot, a single grape variety… making it an almost innovative selection.

The treatment of our vines is eco-responsible, and we notice that our vines offer a biodiversity that is becoming richer and richer, and will become the subject of a newsletter.
So to summarise, we are proud owners of grand crus vines.

Ah the Grand Cru, Premier Cru, Cru Classés, Crus Bourgeois, Deuxième Crus, as many different wine designations as grapes in a cluster… we explain you all this puzzle in our article dedicated to Champagne appellations.