From now on, each beginning of the year is punctuated by the stars, which make the front page of our newspapers. Not the shiny ones that illuminate our sky, but those from the Michelin Guide that cover the chronicle.

Indeed, since 2019, each publication in January of the famous red guide has caused surprises and scandals in the small world of gastronomy. Marc Veyrat, Paul Bocuse, Paul Haeberlin, Pascal Barbot are as many “mythical” chefs whose restaurants lost a star for the first time.

Huge marketing success for some, huge blow for others, what we notice is that no one is left indifferent by the critical guides.

But let’s stay positive and congratulate Alexandre Mazzia, an incredibly creative chef, crowned chef of the year 2019 by the Gault & Millau, his restaurant AM in Marseille promotes a contemporary cuisine in harmony with its terroir.

We had in fact brought our Grande Cuvee 6 ans d’âge on the occasion of the 2015 Great Chefs Dinner in Copenhagen in with its famous vegetable biscotte, proof in the photo below.



Although some chefs return their stars or ask not to be judged by the Michelin, we fought in 2019 to submit for the first time our champagnes to the expert wine tasters at Gault & Millau.

Was it time to take matters into our own hands? Could a small house like ours suffer from a bad buzz?

As Pierre Gagnaire explains it: these guides are both “our glory and our loss”.

This year, we felt that we were ready. A few months later, the results were announced.

Before jumping on the page to see our grades, we decided to look through the 2020 guide of champagnes, and we were amazed to see it was full of old vintages, great vintages, vintages from great houses we’d never heard of before.

A good lesson for our next selection.

With an overall mark of 15.6/20 without presenting any vintage champagnes, our house was rewarded, and for a first participation we are very well placed.

• 14,5/20 for the VIRGINIE T. Rosé
• 15/20 for the VIRGINIE T. Brut
• 15,5/20 for the VIRGINIE T. Extra Brut
• 16,5/20 for the VIRGINIE T. Grande Cuvée 6 ans

As you’ve witnessed our evolution from the front row, you know we work hard to keep increasing these grades.

A little side note on the creativity of the editorial which suggested quite improbable arrangements sure as the Brut with a “langoustine chicken”, or the Extra Brut with a “vol-au-vent”.


2019 was a pivotal year for our champagne house.

This expression is often misused, but it justly describes a year which was so rich in novelties, anecdotes, results, and rewards.

The launch of our 2009 Vintage Brut Nature plays an important role in that, but we also want to celebrate the great beginnings of our tailor-made cuvées workshops that perfect our savoir-faire.