On the second of October last year, we were celebrating my father’s, Claude Taittinger’s, 90th birthday. He was in Olympic form, and champagne was flowing abundantly. At the end of the meal, as is our family tradition, my father gave a speech. Through it he shared with us the secret to longevity. I’m going to share it with you:

“The secret to stay in great shape is to be happy, and I am always happy with a glass of champagne accompanying my every meal.”

This is even truer if the champagne is savoured in good company…. But that’s not all! Enjoying a nice glass of champagne is a well-known remedy to recovering from a long day of work. On top of the euphoric effect it procures from the alcohol, the effervescence boots our good mood and has a positive effect on our morale.

But what are the other virtues of champagne? Even though it is an alcoholic beverage, when consumed moderately, champagne holds numerous therapeutic virtues. Indeed, we can drink it to stay in shape.

According to Madame de Pompadour, it is the only wine “that will preserve a woman’s beauty after she drinks”

We can enjoy the bubbles and stay in shape because it has an extremely low calorie content. We can also keep a sound mind, as Champagne is good for memory and helps reinforce our cognitive functions. It can also help to diminish your alcohol consumption. The euphoric effect of the champagne is accelerated with its effervescence, but also with the champagne’s lack of tannin (we’ll come back to it), which is present in other alcohols, particularly red wine.

Therefore I’d like to encourage you to make one of your New Year’s resolutions of 2018 to follow my father’s advice. Be happy and make champagne your loyal companion:

The magic and the evanescence of its golden bubbles, as well as its therapeutic virtues will bring sparkles to your life and joy to those who surround you.