Our house was truly buzzing in June 2019 as we were preparing for my son Ferdinand to marry his fiancé Julie.

There were still a thousand subjects to treat, but as I’m sure you can imagine: we already had our champagne, a vital element to a successful party.

And yet, it’s a real enigma for those who are not used to organising big events.

Which champagne should you choose? How many bottles should you buy? Brut or Rosé?

By the time you finish reading this email, you’ll be a step ahead when it comes to answering those questions.

Let us tell you more ….

The number of champagne bottles is dependent on the number of guests and the amount of occasion on which you wish to serve it.

I often hear “you should count one bottle for three guests” … But if you were to switch that around, it really wouldn’t surprise anyone from the Champagne region.

The first question to ask is: at which occasions do you wish to serve it?

For Ferdinand’s wedding, we were counting 2 flutes for the vin d’honneur, 2 glasses for dinner, and 3 glasses for the rest of the night, which comes down to just a bit over a bottle per person. We also served champagne the next day for brunch.

We often tend to underestimate the number of bottles because we forget about the champagne aficionados who will start drinking during the cocktail and won’t stop until the sunrise.

They’ll know who they are.

But let’s move on to the choice of champagne, which is just as important!

For simplistic reasons, the Brut Classique is a choice of reason which will delight the guests throughout all the hours of the day and the night.

Others, such as Ferdinand, prefer to mix their selection up with some Extra brut, not as sweet and lighter for the vin d’honneur, we’ll then go into the night with the Brut, rounder and more festive, and end the night in apotheosis with the Grande Cuvée 6 years of age, which were brought on all the tables in its ice bucket.

The next day, we wanted to bring some colour, some fruit, and we’ll therefore opted for the Champagne Rosé.

However, beware! Even the best champagnes can be betrayed by a bad service!

The champagne must be served cool, it seems obvious, but do not hesitate to tell the waiters to fill the glasses to 2/3, and to never serve them in advance!

In 2018, we were presenting our champagne at a dinner Gala in Zurich. As we arrived one hour before the event, we had a vision of horror: 200 flutes were already served along the bar.

The perfect example of everything that shouldn’t be done.

Every year we provide champagne for around a dozen weddings and other events, so don’t hesitate to ask us for advice.

Because we work in a short circuit, the only trajectory our bottles will take will be from our place to the location of your wedding.

In order to avoid any stockage or conservation issues, we offer the possibility to deliver one week before the wedding, whether it is in France or in any other European country.

We are traveling all across Europe in April and especially in the UK and in Germany looking for new VIRGINIE T.’ addicts. Please let us know if you wish to organize a tasting.